The Leifman Family Chapel has enabled people to pray every day while having a magnificent view of the Mississippi. We have observed yahrzeits, conducted funerals, celebrated weddings, brises, baby naming and bnai mitzvah. Like the first sacred Ark in the Book of Exodus, our Ark is also portable. Our faith is dynamic and moves as we move. Judaism is not fixed in things, nor any group, nor any given time. It moves about as it interplays with ideas and ideals. This portable Ark is symbolic of our belief that religion is stable but it does not stand still. The Effress Family Garden was added in the 1980s to add beauty and promote reflection for those participating in the Chapel.

The synagogue’s former building sustained a great fire in 1952 and many neighboring institutions offered us the use of their buildings ( churches and Macalester College).We built the Stein Good Neighbor Room so we had a great hall for community gatherings to serve our neighbors, regardless of creed or sect. The Greenberg Room transitions to our sanctuary and is a multipurpose room. We added a Rain Garden in 2012 to accent our connection to the community and its environment.