The sanctuary is the heart of the Temple of Aaron. You will notice its upward sweeping beams meet in a ceiling arch dominated by a star. Two pillars flanking the Ark represent columns named Yahin and Boaz that flanked the throne of King Solomon. Following the ancient tradition for building the original Temple in Jerusalem, the main Sanctuary is constructed entirely of wood and brick. We added wood railings and a wood ramp to make the bemah more accessible for the 21st century. There is no metal visible to remind people of the instruments of war and violence. We have ten stained glass windows based upon the theme of a lifetime of a Jew and they were designed by Minneapolis artist William Saltzman: birth, first steps, Hebrew education, bar/bat mitzvah, confirmation, marriage, parenthood, community responsibility, old age, and immortality. The Spicer Kiddush Cup is magnificently sculptured to reflect the joy of Shabbat and the sheer joy of all creation. Our Ark curtain follows ancient tradition serving as a symbol of mystery and awe. It is hand woven and the Bible inspired three design aspects: Cloud, Wings, and Two Trumpets. The main Ark is made of wood, is the dominating force of the entire building and contains two tiers of Torahs. The Ark is flanked by Israeli marble symbolizing our eternal ties with Israel. Our building combines a vast awareness of the past with a deep sense for the future. The building sculpture facing the Mississippi is a study in fluid motion. It symbolizes the necessity for righteousness ever to flow through society, purging it of evils… for justice ever to well up from the fountainhead of the heart.