Wednesday Tikone USY: 8th-12th gradespress release ad2

Dinner:            6:00 pm
Programming:  6:30 pm
Dismissal:        8:00 pm

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:
Students gather at 6:00 pm in Stein Hall for dinner.  Programs begin at 6:30 pm.  Dismissal is at 8:00 pm and students will be dismissed to the main doors. Students may not leave the synagogue property prior to dismissal without permission from staff.

Sunday TiKone USY: 8th-12th grades
Class:             9:00 am
Dismissal:      12:00 pm

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:
Students report directly to their assigned classroom. Students in will be dismissed to the main doors of the synagogue for pickup by parent/authorized adults at 12:00 pm.


Curriculum Outlook for 8th-12th TiKone USY Program

Our Eighth through Twelfth graders are heading into the fourth year of our award winning TiKone USY program this fall. This innovative program takes account of the busy lives experienced by teens & parents. Tikone synergized our Education and Youth Departments into one dynamic program with emphasis on personal connection, challenges, personal growth, mentorship, and education. This model allows us to meet the modern students’ needs and desires from social and educational perspectives while allowing for more students to stay connected to Jewish/Synagogue life. On Sundays, students will be in classes with their peers from all age groups and get to know each other better in this educational environment. Our TUSY Leadership class will continue for our USY executive board members. We will have core classes (8th grade-Holocaust and Ritual, 9th– Bible I and Texting in the Talmud, 10thgrade-Confimation, 11th/12th – Senior Seminar) during the 3rd hour of the morning.  On Wednesdays students will have the opportunity to participate in many forms of experiential education through our TiKone USY Lounge Nights and some fun interactive programs. Students will be planning exciting events, developing leadership skills, and spending time together. The Wednesday night program enables students to socialize and learn together in a safe and comfortable environment.