Shabbat School: PreK-1st grades

Class:               9:00 am
Dismissal:         11:30 am

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:
Students will meet their teachers at the front door of the synagogue. If you arrive past 9:10 am please bring your child to their assigned classroom.  You are welcome to join us in the Main Sanctuary during classes if your child is in PK-1st grade.  Parents must accompany children in Toddler and My Baby & Me classes.   Everyone is invited to join us each Shabbat for a FREE lunch.

Curriculum Outlook for PreK- 1st Grade

The curriculum is based on the theme of discovering our wonderful Jewish traditions through Bible and holiday stories, a continuation of studying prayers (tefillot) and the blessing (brachot) we recite to communicate with God in everyday life. Students are introduced to the Hebrew aleph-bet and begin learning the sounds these letters make. The curriculum is integrated with lots of music, prayers (tefillot), & fun activities. Students will also participate in the main sanctuary service each week.  These grades meet on Saturdays except the weeks specified on calendar.