Our members come from all over the Twin Cities and as far as a three hours away. They come from western suburbs past Minneapolis and east into Wisconsin. While many of our members once lived in Highland our congregants have moved further away from our building but are still well connected to the synagogue each week. There are families that come from over three hours away to take advantage of our school and Shabbat programming on a regular basis.

Anyone can come and purchase tickets from us for the High Holydays but members have first priority. As it is affordable to become a member, we urge people to take a look at what we have to offer the rest of the year before just purchasing tickets for the High Holydays. Seating is open and available each Shabbat and we would love to see people come in and see if we have what are you looking for on every level here at Temple of Aaron.

Parents of Bar/Bat Mitzvah students must become members of Temple of Aaron at least three years prior to the event. The student must have completed our B’nai Mitzvah requirements through the religious school and be currently enrolled in a formal program of religious instruction through 7th grade, either her at Temple of Aaron or at one of the day schools. Our goal is to help our children grow into their awareness of the obligations and privileges of belonging to the adult Jewish community.

We welcome all people to Temple of Aaron to learn. They can be a part of our program and be in the learning process but they also must formally convert to Judaism under the guidance of our clergy before being able to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Temple of Aaron. The process of conversion in this type of matter is handled by our head Rabbi, Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein, wh has worked with many families and individuals on finding themselves with in the Jewish religion.

We welcome interfaith couples and families, just as we welcome every other type of family at Temple of Aaron. Non-Jewish partners pray with us in the sanctuary and the chapel, share in holiday celebrations, and participate in the bar/bat mitzvah of their children. As a Conservative synagogue, we live our egalitarian values by embracing the participation of all types of families and partnerships. We also abide by Jewish law in reserving certain honors for Jewish congregants only, such as the honor of being called to the Torah for an aliyah. The rabbi is available to guide interfaith couples leading up to and after their wedding, though our Rabbi does not perform interfaith ceremonies themselves. They are also available to counsel couples around life cycle events and the day-to-day experience of sharing a life together.