Members and non-members support the Temple of Aaron in numerous ways. We value and respect people who donate time and ideas. Volunteerism is often the key to sustaining traditions and creating healthy changes.

We also treasure the giving of financial donations which help us attract and retain clergy/staff and purchase the physical things that a synagogue needs to operate and help people participate. Giving is a vast topic that encompasses everything from monthly dues to a building fund, from a yahrzeit donation to a creation of an endowment. People give during their lifetime and some make provisions in their final will.

We encourage you to consider giving to areas of the synagogue that make Judaism special for you. We have numerous areas of interest that dovetail with the varied interests of our members. Clergy and staff are prepared to speak with you to explore and finalize any gift. You can make donations online and select an area of the synagogue you would like to help. You can make a gift to honor someone, remember someone, extend good wishes, or just because it is a nice thingĀ  to do.