Members and non-members support the Temple of Aaron in numerous ways. We value and respect people who donate time and ideas. Volunteerism is often the key to sustaining traditions and creating healthy changes. We also treasure the financial donations which help us attract and retain clergy/staff as well as the physical things that a synagogue needs to operate and help people participate. Giving is a vast topic that encompasses everything from monthly dues to a building fund, from a yahrzeit donation to a creation of an endowment.

Below is a donation and payment form that enables you to help the synagogue sustain and grow. For questions please contact Director Ken Agranoff or  651-698-8874 x106. or email

Campaigns and Funds that need support:

Annual High Holyday Appeal:  Each year during the High Holyday season we ask our membership to help us by donating toward this campaign.  This effort helps with the daily running of the synagogue and enables us to allow those who cannot afford membership to have reduced rates.

Shabbat Kiddush Lunch Fund: Shabbat services conclude and people stay for a community lunch to relax, greet old friends and make new ones. Donations are needed to keep this program thriving. Consider an annual or monthly donation for this meaningful Shabbat moment.

Lifecycle Appreciation: After a wedding, Bnai Mitzvah, funeral or other lifecycle moments where the clergy team has been helpful members often make donations to their discretionary funds. This additional support enables our clergy to help those within our congregation in need and support programs for the larger Twin Cities community.

Life and Legacy: Thanks to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, we are participating in the Twin Cities Its Your Legacy Program. This is your way to pledge a gift in your will to support the future of Temple of Aaron and the Twin Cities Jewish Community.


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