Dear Members,

josh_fineblumWe have put together this resource to allow for congregants and newcomers to feel more comfortable in our services. Whether you are brushing up on your Torah reading or learning a new prayer for the first time we hope that you will find this page useful. Feel free to suggest new prayers and readings. You can also check out for additional support.


Cantor/Educator Joshua Fineblum



Click below for music and trope for some of our services:

Shabbat Evening MP3s:
Yidid Nefesh Nigun            Page 15 psalm 95          Page 16 psalm 96
Page 17 Psalm 97             Page 18 Psalm 98          Page 19 Psalm 99
Page 20 Psalm 29             Page 21-22 L’cha Dodi   Page 23 Mizmor Shir Top
Page 23 Mizmor Ending    Page 24 Psalm 93          Page 28 Barchu-ending
Page 29 Ahavat Ending     Page 32 mi Chamocha  Page 33 Hashkiveynu/Ending
Page 34 V’shamru             Page 34 Chatzi Kaddish

Shabbat Shacharit MP3s:

105 Shochen Ad          106 Yishtabach-Chatzi Kaddish        107 Barchu…
107 Ein K’erkecha 1     108 El Adon 1                                   107-108 Ein K’erkicha- El Adon 2
109 L’el-Titbarach        110 All Sections
Ahava Rabah And Bottom Into Shema Page 111     V’ahavta page 112
Boxes On Page 113 Top And Mi Chamocha Page 114  Amida (Avot And G’vurot) Page 115b
Kedusha Page 116    Kaddish Shalem- Page 138

Torah Service MP3s:

Ein Kamocha- Pg 139        Vayihi- Pg 139        Beh-Page 140
Shema, Echad, Gadlu- Page 141         Lecha Adonai- Page 141

Trope Packet and Haftarah MP3s:

Trope Packet

Etnachta Phrases     Sof Pasuk Phrases     Basic Zakef Katon Phrases
Revia Phrases     Geresh Phrases     Tevir Phrases
Segol Phrases     Advanced Katon Phrases
Pazer, Gedola, And Zakef Gadol     End Of Haftarah Phrase

Torah Trope MP3s:

Etnachta Phrases Torah    Sof Pasuk Torah   Basic Katon Torah
Reviah Torah    Geresh Torah   Tevir Torah   Segol Torah
Advanced Katon Torah   Pazer, Gdola, Zakef Gadol Torah   Sof Haaliya Torah

High Holyday Tunes
B’sefer Chaim
Avinu Malkeynu
Taste Of Shema Koleynu
Taste of Sim Shalom
HaYom and Niggun