When you walk into a Shabbat or holiday service in the sanctuary or Chapel at Temple of Aaron, you’ll notice the distinct marks of a Conservative congregation – egalitarianism and respect for religious tradition. We sing and recite prayers primarily in Hebrew. Because the rabbis invite participation, you will often see congregants participating in services in many ways. The Rabbis’ Torah teachings, sermons, and other comments, all in English, inform and enrich the experience. The Shaliach Tzibor, musical leader of the service, along with occasional services with the choir and musical accompaniment further enhances the mood of prayer.

Each and every Shabbat we have different programming for our many youth in the congregation.  Shabbat Luncheons will also occur every Shabbat!

SERVICE SCHEDULES at Temple of Aaron:

Monday-Thursday Evening Minyan: 6pm

Friday Evenings: 6 pm

Shabbat Mornings: 9 am

Sunday Mornings: 9 am followed by Breakfast

Monday-Thursday Morning Minyan: 7:15 am at Beth Jacob with East Metro Minyan (please check there for scheduling)



barlermanpicBar/Bat Mitzvah is an opportunity for your son or daughter and entire family to enjoy a major Jewish life-cycle experience. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah involves your family and our congregation in Jewish values by teaching Torah. In so doing, your child demonstrates willingness to study and to celebrate Judaism with the cooperation of parents. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony can take on lasting significance for the family that uses it to affirm and strengthen their commitment to Jewish life. For the Bar/Bat Mitzvah student it represents the culmination of a year of intensive training and the time for re-dedication to our Jewish way of life. As you make your plans and as you discuss the upcoming ceremony with your child, remember that this day is above all, a significant religious event.Please consult the Rabbis if you have any questions.

Here are some helpful links in planning your simcha!
B’nai Mitzvah Aaronion Information Form
B’nai Mitzvah Honors Form
B’nai Mitzvah Program Template


Conversion – We welcome interfaith couples and families, just as we welcome every other type of family at Temple of Aaron. Non-Jewish partners pray with us in the sanctuary and the chapel, share in holiday celebrations, and participate in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah of their children. As a Conservative synagogue, we live our egalitarian values by embracing the participation of all types of families and partnerships. To find out more about conversion process please contact Rabbi Micah Miller.

Our Torah Scroll -Temple of Aaron is privileged to have on permanent loan a Torah Scroll that was saved from the fires of the Holocaust and destroyed at the hands of the Nazi.  Our Torah Scroll, Scroll Number MST#103, is one of 1,564 scrolls that was recovered by the government of Czechoslovakia just at the close of World War II.  In 1963, these scrolls were moved to London and in the late 1970s, a rabbi began the project of attempting to salvage, repair, and clean these scrolls that were destroyed by the Nazis.  In 1982, we dedicated our scroll as part of a very special Holocaust commemoration, an evening of song, prayer and reflection reminding us of the six million Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust.  We are grateful to receive this Torah from the Jews of Vodnany, Czechoslovakia; we are honored to be one of hundreds of synagogues across the world connected by this holy effort to save with hope that which was nearly destroyed.  For more information on this important project, please visit